Baby Haul | Part 1 | Let’s Get Started

Let baby haul, part one, begin! After some hesitation, we have dipped our toes into the buying process for all things baby. Today, I’m sharing what we’ve bought, received, and prices versus what has been paid. Let me know, in the comments, what your first purchases were!


Must Haves | First Trimester

Getting through that First Trimester can be rough! Here are the few things that helped me deal with the those first few months of pregnancy!

Another Pregnancy, Another Miscarriage | A New Appointment

I'm sitting here this morning looking out at the mountains and typing away catch-up posts for the coming days and weeks. Really, I've just been trying to pass the last 70 minutes before I need to get ready for our first Infertility Specialist appointment and realized that the last journey update was 26 days ago. … Continue reading Another Pregnancy, Another Miscarriage | A New Appointment