Grocery Shopping | Shelf Shopping Challenge

We are moving in 6 days!

As of today (10/7/17), this is what we have left for food in our house. I have noted based on highlighting and written word what will be used, given away, tossed, or saved for our trip to Colorado.

End—October (10/7/17)

Poultry/Red Meat/Fish
Red meat—
ground beef (1 pound, dinner 10/9), Pepperoni (trip)

2 (10 oz. bags) broccoli/cauliflower (give away), ~1.5 pounds of green beans (give away), and 1 pound of asparagus (give away)
Fridge—peppers (1), carrots (1 bag, eat).
less than 1/2 bag of potatoes (use), 2 onions (give away)

1 in use (trip—sandwiches)
Hamburger buns—
2 bags (give away)

12 oz shredded Pecorino Romano and Parmesan (give away), shredded mozzarella (40 oz, give away), 6 oz block of cheddar for crackers (trip)
Butter—4 oz container of spreadable butter (will use by 10/11)
1/2 a half gallon (will use by 10/11)
Eggs—8 eggs (give away)
Yogurt—4 single servers

Dry Goods
2 boxes of plain pasta (trip), 10 boxes of Mac & Cheese (give away)
Snacks—popcorn (trip), 3 bags of pretzels (trip), 1 bag of tortilla chips (trip), salsa (trip), 2 boxes of crackers (trip)
10 oz box of cereal (trip), 2 half bags of granola (toss)
Flour—2 (5 pound) bags of white (give away), 1 pound of whole wheat flour (give away)
Sugar—white (1 pound, give away), brown (2 cups, give away)

Sauces, spices, condiments, etc. (use, trip, toss, and give away)
Drinks— 30 bottles of water (trip)

Looks like we are well on our way to an empty kitchen!



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